Kate Moss Disses Cara Delevingne For Feud With Naomi Campbell And Ditching Storm Models For Hollywood

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago

Model Kate Moss is reported to have “blacklisted” Cara Delevingne from her friend circle. It was because she was not happy for the latter’s misbehavior with supermodel Naomi Campbell over an argument. Read below to know more of their separation.

Delevingne’s decision to leave modeling agency Storm Models for concentrating in her acting career has mainly infuriated Moss. She had made it clear that she would like to grow up with her career in acting having filmed roles in “Paper Towns,” with more on the way like “Pan” and “Suicide Squad.”

Page Six reported that Campbell, who is also Moss’ long-term pal, was involved in a “physical fight” during Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. It was reported that Campbell accused Delevingne of “disrespecting” Rihanna.

But Campbell denied the claim of her “physical fight” with Delevingne. She tweeted “Don’t know where this story has come from about @Caradelevingne and I fighting! It is completely untrue, ignore the rumors XN.”

The Sun reported that Rihanna is a mutual friend of Moss and Campbell. On the other hand, a source, whom name is withheld, heard Delevingne telling Campbell to get away from her.

“Kate has blacklisted Cara now. It’s very unfortunate and hopefully might be a temporary thing, but they’re definitely not friends at the moment,” a source told The Sun.

Throughout Moss’ career, she has been loyal to Storm Models and expected the same from the 22-year old Delevingne. It is reportedly said that Delevingne’s decision of giving up although made Moss unhappy, but her “behavior” with Campbell and Rihanna highly disappointed Moss.

The 41-year old Moss have worked with Delevingne on campaigns including Burberry in which the duo had a stunning shot. In May this year, these British models worked for the “My Burberry” fragrance campaign, where they were only clad in brand’s signature trench coat.

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Photo Source: Cara Delevingne/Facebook

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