Why Kate Winslet Has Banned Social Media For Her Kids?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Kate Winslet Has Banned Social Media For Her Kids?
Kates Winslet

If you think that Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is a super fan of technology just because she starred in the movie “Steve Job,” you are sadly mistaken. Read On!

The Oscar-winning actress was speaking at an interview taken by the Sunday Times where she admitted that all forms of social media have been banned from her home.

Kate Winslet feels that the social media has a big impact on the self-esteem of young women as all they do is to design themselves for folks to like them.

Winslet, 40, said that nothing good comes out of it as young people suffer from problems like eating disorders. She gets terribly upset with all this and that is the reason why she has ensured that there are no social media in her house.


The actress has 3 children; Mia, who is 15 and sons Bear, 22 months and Joe, 11. Kate also shared with the Times that not only she and her hubby Ned Rocknroll have limited the use of social media in their house, but they have also curtailed the usage of tablets and phones in their family.

She feels that it is better to let kids grow up among nature. To do that, devices have to be taken out of their reach. Winslet further said that today, when a family goes out to a café while the adults sit at one corner of the table, the kids are busy with their devices and do not even bother looking up.


Winslet feels that this way kids are cocooned into a world of their own and their parents let them do that. She feels that there are too many distractions around the kids these days and devices are the main reasons for that.

But Kate Winslet was also quick enough to point out she is not a spokesperson for being against the digital technology. Galvin Scott, who is the director of “The Short,” said that Kate was an advocate for people to accept other people.

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