Katherine Heigl Fires Her Manager Mom Nancy To Revive Career; Will Return To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Katherine Heigl Fires Her Manager Mom Nancy To Revive Career; Will Return To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ?
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Katherine Heigl Firing Manager Mother Nancy: Blames Nancy For Shonda Rhimes Grey’s Anatomy Feud – Ruined Her Career?

After quitting as Dra. Izzie Steven in the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy,” Katherine Heigl expressed her desire to return to one of the most successful series in our generation. Is there any “Welcome Back!” party for her or the tension between her and show’s creator Shonda Rhomes is still on the way?

“Grey’s Anatomy” fans got very excited when the news about Heigl’s return circulated around the internet after the actress reportedly expressed her interest in becoming Dra Steven once again.

The upcoming season of the hospital drama will be Heigl’s first ever appearance on the show after being “nowhere-to -be -found” in the last four episode of the series.

Heigl left “Grey’s Anatomy” after being part of it since season one to season six (120th episode) after getting into a discord with its creator, Shonda Rhomes.

According to rumors, Heigl left the show years ago because of misunderstanding with Rhomes and it caused her and her manager mom, Nancy to quit the job and left Dra. Steven’s character hanging.

After leaving the show, Heigl’s manager mom dissed the show. The script and even the plot direction of the show didn’t got away from Nancy’s criticism.  She provoked Rhomes into a feud. However, in a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Nancy was fired by Heigl because she believes that the manager mom just ruined her career.

“Nancy isn’t a producer, or really even a manager – something that she admits herself,” OK! Magazine wrote.

Heigl thought that she has a right to make decisions and that attitude made many people around her angry in the process. There are times that she doesn’t even know when to stop and how to control herself so in return that even her career suffered from the damage she had done; her reputation was ruined.

Meanwhile, while Heigl is having a rage in her career her mother didn’t do anything to help either and  in fact encouraged her daughter’s erratic behavior.

Everyone knew that Heigl is very close to her mom, but now, Heigl herself realized that she had to do something for her career  to save her remaining chance to return on top; she now needs to find someone who can take her to that spot again—that is, if anyone will take her!

Now what we need to wait and watch is if Katherine Heigl will be able to get back her career and make her return to “Grey’s Anatomy” in Season 12.

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