Katie Holmes Brought Suri Cruise On Stage: A Wonderful Mother-Child Bond At A Festival

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Katie Holmes Brought Suri Cruise On Stage: A Wonderful Mother-Child Bond At A Festival

The only child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Suri, became an instant celebrity ever since she was born. This is unsurprising since her parents are both big stars in the Hollywood. Although she is kept away from the public as much as possible, entertainment news reporters and fans don’t miss a chance in talking about her. Read on for more details.

Just recently, Suri was seen again in public. Huffington Post reported that Holmes has a very special company when she graced the Global Citizen Festival 2015 that was held in Central Park. This took place last Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015. The said festival has the goal of raising public awareness to various socio-political issues including poverty. The cute girl waved at the spectators and right after that, her mother spoke to the crowd with thousands of attendees.

Other huge names who made an appearance for the New York event are Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Tori Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Martin, and First Lady Michelle Obama. According to InStyle, prior to the Saturday festival, the “Dawson’s Creek” star and her child were last seen publicly in March of the same year. They attended the Teen Choice Awards.


In an article from Vanity Fair, Suri was described as the kid who captivated the whole world. In fact, there was a viral meme about her when she was still 5 yrs old. In addition, a book was created regarding her when she was 8 yrs old. The said Suri’s Burn Book is a compilation of her pictures taken by the nimble hands and eagle-like eyes of the paparazzi. The public even sympathized with Suri when the news about the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was confirmed.

For now, Katie Holmes is doing a great job in keeping Suri Cruise from being totally feasted by the public. Will the kid follow the celebrity path of her parents?

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Photo Source: Katie Holmes/Instagram

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