Katie Holmes Worried About Scientologists

By admin | 6 years ago

Actress Katie Holmes who has just filed for divorce from actor Tom Cruise says that members of the Church of Scientology are watching her and her daughter Suri. Reports said that while Holmes and her six-year old daughter were in her new apartment in Manhattan, a crew of Scientologists was watching. Holmes and daughter have been in her apartment since Friday after she unexpectedly filed for divorce from Cruise.

Five big menacing looking men parked in front of her apartment building on Sunday in Chelsea and did not attempt to hide themselves. The men sat in a Cadillac Escalade that had license plates from Tennessee with the AC running as the engine quietly idled. When reporters approached, they would no roll down their windows to speak.

The only time they got out of their SUV was to photograph the same reporters who were interviewing neighbors in front of the apartment building. People close to the situation said the men had been sent by members of the Church of Scientology to watch Holmes and daughter Suri. Those reports were denied by the church.

Holmes the church will feel she is a threat because she is leaving Cruise who is a member of the church. Holmes planned the divorce with some forethought, as she rented the apartment a number of weeks prior to filing for divorce. Holmes has asked for sole custody of her daughter.

Apparently, part of the reason for the divorce is Cruise’s fierce loyalty to Scientology and Holmes’ fears over how the strange religion will affect their daughter. Holmes is the third wife for Cruise, and all three of the marriages ended when the wife was 33. Before Holmes, Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers and then Nicole Kidman.

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