Katy Perry Accidentally Gives Out Phone Number in Video Post

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

One of the biggest breaches of privacy a celebrity can have is if someone gets a hold of their private contact numbers. And Katy Perry accidentally ended up revealing her personal phone number in a video she posted during April Fools’ Day.

On Wednesday, April 1, during the fateful April Fools’ Day, Katy Perry posted a video of her dog, Butters. The video was then captioned with “B–CH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF B–CH WANTS SAUSAGES!,” in reference of her friend Rihanna’s latest song ‘B–ch better Have My Money”.

But the joke was on Perry when it turned out that there was a phone number placed in plain sight on the dog’s collar. Though Perry didn’t actually confirm that it was her phone number or probably even that of her assistant Tamra Natisin’s, most people pretty much have a strong hunch already that it was hers since she’s the dog’s owner and is supposed to be the one contacted should something happen to Butters.

Out of concern, some of Perry’s fans immediately informed her of the accidental reveal via Twitter and Instagram. In response to this, Perry then deleted the said video and, just in case she gets some rather intrusive fan messages, she also had her phone number deactivated.

Even though Perry had already settled the matter, some of her fans were still concerned that others who have seen the said phone number would either spread it around and give it to the paparazzi, or use it to send personal messages to Perry. So they posted messages telling people to not bother Perry and respect her desire for privacy. They also requested people to delete their previous tweets of the said number.

Aside from her video post, Perry also previously posted a photo on her Instagram account, showing her with a new, pixie haircut. She then captioned this with “I asked for the Kris Jenner [look]”. Jenner apparently liked Perry’ new look and posted “LOL I love you! You look gorgeous beautiful girl!!!”

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Huntley Paton/C. Jonel

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