Katy Perry catches the One Love bouquet!

By admin | 4 years ago

Shortly after Madonna, Macklemore and company finished their epic performance in which 33 couples said, “I Do,” Katy Perry was gifted something pretty damn special: One of the bouquets from one of the lucky brides!

Now, you know what that means — SHE’S NEXT! John Mayer, you better get that ring ready!

She caught the bouquet at the biggest mass wedding in history. You’re pretty much obligated to marry her now! We kid, we kid. Ya’ll get hitched whenever you’re ready… Just don’t forget to invite us!!!

Katy was performing in China recently. During the time there the beautiful star ( and now soon to be married — we really hope!) performed a split, smack dab in the middle of the great wall of China!
You can read more about her split over here.

Meaniiinng? That she’s not only hot and a great singer but those legs can stretch! Mayer is one lucky dog to have Katy as his girl. Lets hope that both of them get married soon and live happily.

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