Katy Perry is Fighting Nuns over Los Angeles Convent

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago

In an incredible turn of events, Katy Perry is locked in battle with a murmur of nuns for the ownership of a Los Angeles convent. Read on more to find out.

Perry, who wants to turn the property at Los Feliz into a private residence, apparently made an offer of $14.5 million for it to the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez. Though the deal is approved by the archdiocese, it is unable to go ahead because of opposition from the nuns themselves. The convent, which goes by the rather protracted name of ‘The Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary,’ has opposed Perry “for what should be obvious reasons coming from Catholic nuns,” Bloomberg reported.

It should be noted these reasons are not very ecclesiastic, as the nuns have actually already sold the property to restaurateur Dana Hollister, to be converted into a “boutique hotel and bar.” This sale was declared invalid by a superior court judge on Thursday, but Perry’s competing effort is still held up until the legal procedures are complete.

Meanwhile, Perry has apparently attempted to woo the nuns to change their minds. “Perry dressed rather conservatively and, according to two of the sisters, she sang ‘Oh Happy Day’ for them and showed them a ‘Jesus’ tattoo on her wrist area,” per the LA Times.

The sisters however, have not taken kindly to Perry who rose to fame in her ballad dedicated to sexual experimentation “I Kissed A Girl” and is known to shoot whipped cream out of her brassiere in concerts.  They were, however, kind enough to clarify that the 30-year-old popstar is a “nice person” and that it was “all about the money.”

The whole thing has now become a full-on media and legal battle between the nuns and the LA archbishop, and the Pope might be called in to intervene.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Katy Perry

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