Katy Perry Follows “Sl**** Taylor Swift” On Instagram, Making The Feud Between Them Seem More Apparent

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Katy Perry Follows “Sl**** Taylor Swift” On Instagram, Making The Feud Between Them Seem More Apparent
The Fireworks stars recently publicized the ongoing cold war between her and TayTay by following ‘Sl****TaylorSwift’ on Instagram and fans are outraging over this.

The two contemporary pop singers, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have an existing cold war and it doesn’t seem like it’s coming to an end soon. Recently, the “Firework” singer took her feud with Taylor to a whole new level by following a random Instagram user with the account name “Sl**** Taylor Swift”.

This adds to her Instagram follower list and proves that the war between them continues to flow and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to resolve it. Perry has around 25.2m followers on Instagram and they’re all on the lookout for updates from her end. What has shocked most fans is how apparent she’s making the feud seem in front of most people, reports Mirror.co.uk.

Quite surprisingly, the account isn’t filled with pictures showing Swift dressed in a sensual manner. Rather,it’s a blonde girl who has features like the Bad Blood singer and chose the name as a prank. The profile picture portrays an old fashioned painting of a lady with yellow dress carrying flowers.

“For years I was never sure if we were friends or not”,told Taylor to the Rolling stone magazine which publicized the feud between them. She also said that Katy would come up to her at the award shows and say something and would walk away which left her baffled.

Katy performed at a baseball event with two sharks and the left shark made headlines with his extremely bad dance moves. Sometime later the shark appeared behind Swift while she performed ‘Bad Blood’ and TayTay giggled on the stage. In the interview that followed, Taylor said that she believes the shark was the one that Katy ‘stole’ from her.

The Celebrity Auction says that both the stars never miss a chance to ridicule each other publicly and this goes on to show that the naive and petty feud between them will continue until it becomes old news!

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