Katy Perry Goes To Burning Man, Falls Off Segway, Has To Take Lessons From Dad

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago

Katy Perry is having an awkward moment. In a recent video uploaded to her Instagram account, the pop-icon is in Burning Man! and on a Segway! Unfortunately, things did not last that way for long. Read on to find out what happened.

According to Daily Mail, the famous “I Kissed A Girl” singer looks “Mad Max” -esque in her steampunk mask and Segway, but she doesn’t seem to have the moves to back it up. In the video uploaded to her Instagram account captioned, self consciously “first-time burner alert” we see Perry climb, flail, then some how just slip off her segway. The scooter goes careening into the desert with Perry following after it.

🔥🚨obvious first time burner alert🚨🔥

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Of course, Keith Hudson, Perry’s dad also took to Instagram to show his daughter how it’s really done, in another video. We see him effortless do a 360 on the Segway with great aplomb. However it is still a Segway and had Mr. Perry even ramped it over 30 burning school buses, Evel Knievel style, it would still look rather ridiculous.

thanks dad 😑

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Perry was also in the news recently due to her legal troubles for her new property in Los Angeles, which means she is straight up taking nuns to court to buy their convent. Not a good year for Perry it would seem, and one we would advise her to weather by trying not to propel herself onto any kind of motorized vehicle. At least until her luck has improved.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Katy Perry

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