Katy Perry Kissed a Girl and Did NOT Like it, Watch the Video Here

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Katy Perry Kissed a Girl and Did NOT Like it, Watch the Video Here
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Katy Perry may know all about “California Gurls” but Rio de Janeiro girls are something else altogether. The 30-year-old pop icon was on stage at “Rock in Rio” when she called a fan onstage. Well, let us say she did not foresee what was coming.

When Perry called Rayane (or Raiaiaia, as the internet has now dubbed her) onstage, she did not have an idea what is in store for her. The girl, her mind obviously overwhelmed at that time by the sheer proximity to her idol, comes on stage and attaches herself to Perry’s left breast almost immediately. Of course, somebody has helpfully recorded the whole moment for posterity, so now it is almost impossible to live down the embarrassment.

For those unable to watch the video, it consists mainly of a mildly flustered Perry trying to detach her fan off her body, with such immortal lines like:

“She is kissing my neck.” And the unforgettable “woohoo, that’s my b**b, HOLD ON RAYANE!”

This goes on for some time, with Perry taking impromptu Portuguese lessons, (pizza is pizza in every language) until she sends Rayane back with a tap on her bottom. Which Rayane then reciprocates with considerably more force and panache. To Perry’s credit, however, she was very sporting about the whole thing. Where any lesser person would probably call for security and ran, Perry took a selfie with Rayane.


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Perry is recently back with her tempestuous ex, John Mayer, and they were spotted at the wedding of “Girls” star Allison Williams with Ricky Van Veen. The two were spotted holding hands, Huffington Post is reporting. We assume that Mayer was unable to comment on his girlfriend getting almost groped.


Photo Source: Facebook/Katy Perry


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