Katy Perry is number 1 on Twitter!

By admin | 4 years ago

In a recently released statistic by the very popular social networking website, Twitter, we have got to know that Katy Perry, the famed singer has the number one spot gaining over 48 million fans. 48.5 million to be exact. The “Roar” singer added 15 million fans to her list in Twitter in the past 12 months which earned her the number one position on the social networking website.

Apart from Katy Perry, Justin Bieber also has a truck full of fans on Twitter. The young star accumulated a number very close to Perry’s, gaining a total of 47.8 million fans/followers. Justin gained 13.8 million extra followers in this year.

Other stars that can celebrate according to the statistics released by Twitter are Kanye West whose album, Yeezus was the most tweeted about album which was mentioned a total of 4.4 million times and Miley is also in the mix with her album Bangerz which inspired 1,590,351 tweets.

Kanye West along with his family, Kim Kardashian and their daughter North West have also been a pretty hot topic on Twitter with One Direction holding 4 of the top 5 re-tweets title to their name.

Source: nzHerald

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