Katy Perry-Russell Brand headed for an official split

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Sources close to the couple blame their busy schedules & incompatible lifestyle as the main reason for their marriage break-down.
Katy Perry & Russell Brand seemed to be inseparable when they initially started seeing each other. In spite of the fact that their personalities were poles apart, they shared an amazing chemistry. It was a classic case of opposites attract until they got married on October 23 2010. Russell had made a guest appearance on ‘The Ellen De-Generes Show’ in December 2011 and rubbished the rumors about his separation with Katy. In November 2011 Katy too had publicly denied experiencing any marital problems by posting a funny comment about their break-up on Twitter. Their marriage announcement might have shocked the fans, but the divorce news doesn’t seem to surprise their close acquaintances. Sources who knew the couple very well, believe that the divorce was anticipated & much likely expected mainly due to the fact that both Russell & Katy hardly spent any amount of time with each other after their short-lived honeymoon. Moreover, Russell (36) was a recovering alcoholic & has been sober for quite some time now, whereas Katy (27) is a complete extrovert who enjoys a flamboyant lifestyle attending lavish parties & events on a regular basis. Reports also claim that Russell preferred to spend his time indoors in the company of his wife more than accompanying her to various flashy media-events. This was rumored to be the main reason causing constant rifts between the couple, some of which were even caught by the cameras on several high-profile social gatherings. The couple was spotted spending Christmas separately without their wedding rings which triggered suspicions about their separation.
Apparently, both of them were aware about the fact that their marriage was going through a rough phase, as a result of which they tried very hard to give the relationship another shot by working on their flaws, but unfortunately the damage was already done. As a result of this, the couple has mutually decided to call the marriage off by filing for a divorce. It is also believed that Katy was quite apprehensive about her parents’ response and extremely worried as to how they would react to the news of her divorce. Her parents are supposedly truly religious, evangelical Christians who wouldn’t be too happy if she initiated the separation process, therefore she requested Russell to file for the divorce.
Russell has recently made a public statement to the media & his fans about his current marital status saying that “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends”. There has been no confirmed news about the separation date & any sort of prenup arrangements made between the couple. As of now the couple definitely seems to be on good terms with each other with the final divorce proceedings expected to take place anytime soon. Russell & Katy are currently spending the holiday season with their family & friends apart from each other. Both maintain that although this is a really sad ending to their relationship, there is certainly no bad blood between them.

Katy Perry-Russell Brand headed for an official split
Katy Perry-Russell Brand headed for an official split

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