Katy Perry surpasses Justin Bieber on Twitter with the most number of followers

By admin | 4 years ago

Katy Perry is now the Queen of Twitter with the most number of Followers on the Social Network. Katy has now surpassed teen pop sensation Justin Bieber by gaining more than 50 million Followers.

The ‘Roar’ singer snagged the top spot away from the ‘Baby’ singer in November. Prior to this, Perry took over Lady Gaga in July.

Other high-ranking artists on Twitter include Britney Spears at 35 million, Rihanna at 34 million and Justin Timberlake at a little more than 30 million in total. (Oh, and the President of the United States, of course, but despite his 41 million followers, we won’t rank him until he releases an album.)

Like other super stars before her, Katy also shows no signs of stopping and keeps on going strong. Not only that but she also keeps communicating actively with her fans in the social network. She also orchestrated several social campaigns, promoting her latest album, ‘Prism’.

Other than that things are also going well for Katy in her personal life as she is currently with John Mayer. The happy couple sang together during one of John’s performances during which he invited her on stage to sing along with him and needless to say, she wowed the crowd like she always does.

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