Katy Perry To Release New Song About Russell Brand And Their Marriage After ‘Prism’ Tour

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Katy Perry To Release New Song About Russell Brand And Their Marriage After ‘Prism’ Tour
Katy Perry

Katy Perry is still not over her ex-husband Russell Brand. The “Roar” singer shared that she has not spoken to him ever since he filed for a divorce.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Katy Perry revealed that there is definite bad blood between her and Russel Brand. Ever since the “Arthur” star told her, via text, that he’s filing for a divorce, Katy said he has not heard from him since.

Katy, however, did not want to provide further information with regards to her relationship with Russel. Instead, she pointed out that her new songs will definitely speak on her behalf. Could this mean that her latest album will be all about her ex-husband?

The website reported that Katy Perry’s highly publicized divorce with Russel Brand became an inspiration for some of her songs in the “Prism” album. Their relationship struggles could even be seen in the 2012 movie, “Katy Perry: Part of Me.”

Despite several heartaches, Katy revealed that she has not yet given up on finding her soul mate. She said that she’s open to dating and still believed in love. This mantra could definitely be seen in her latest track that KatyCats will surely love.

“I’m excited by whatever it brings. I’m excited by my own evolution. I don’t want to end up bittersweet. I have to evolve, I have to continue to push people’s perceptions of me. As an artist I like to do that, keep people on the edge of their seats.”

There you have it on the latest news about Katy Perry and Russel Brand. Do you think Katy’s new album after “Prism” will be inspired by her marriage to the actor? Sound off in the comments below.

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