Katy Perry: To Roar Ahead Presidential Elections?

By Rowell De Guia | 3 years ago
Katy Perry: To Roar Ahead Presidential Elections?
Katy Perry: Part Of Me Australian Premiere in June 2012.

If Hillary Clinton will take up Katy Perry’s offer, then she might roar in the election scene with her campaign songs. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Usually seen riding inflatable cupcakes in a Catherine Wheel bra, Perry was no stranger with big names in politics. The award-winning singer has performed several concerts for President Barack Obama to rally votes ahead of the 2012 elections. Perry even had a photo op with the president after singing for him and had dined in with the first lady. In a report from CNN’s Political Ticker, this time, the singer rubs elbows with the former Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton, and offers to write a campaign theme song for her.

“I told @hillaryclinton that I would write her a “theme” song if she needs it…,” shared the “Dark Horse” singer in her Instagram account with a photo with Clinton flaunting their wide smiles and a copy of Clinton’s new memoir, “Hard Choices,” during the launch of the political tome.

Clinton, who is yet to officially announce her candidacy for 2016, is currently on a promotional trail for her new autobiography. The former Secretary of the State has given high-profile interviews left and right. She has been diligent about promoting her new book on Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN in the last few weeks. On June 18, 2014, the “Daily Show” aired a segment noting the many instances Clinton has mentioned, if not totally talked about, the book during a CNN town hall. Clinton also appeared on June 19, 2014 at The Grove’s Barnes & Noble book signing in Los Angeles. Actor Chris Colfer of “Glee” was also there and shared about getting a copy of the book signed by Clinton but apparently offered no campaign song for the author.

Clinton has replied to chart-topping singer on Twitter while, at the same time, promoting her book: “@katyperry Well that’s not a Hard Choice. You already did! Keep letting us hear you Roar.”

Perry’s song “Roar” has the lines: “I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath/ Scared to rock the boat and make a mess/ So I sat quietly, agreed politely/ I guess that I forgot I had a choice.” Could this be a good campaign song choice for Clinton?

What do you think? Will Katy Perry roar in the 2016 elections? Share your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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