Katy Perry Uploads A Controversial Painting; Fans Dislike The Move!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Katy Perry Uploads A Controversial Painting; Fans Dislike The Move!
Katy Perry

Katy Perry has hit out at media’s preference of underweight models. The lady was particularly upset about the New York Fashion Week and uploaded a picture that was downright creepy to make a point about models, smoking, and make up.

Katy Perry got the attention of the media yet again, when she put up a new painting on Instagram that seemed to say that some models use makeup to show that they are in good health when they are clearly not. She uploaded a painting of a creepy haggard woman who is holding a pretty face for a mask. She is also holding a cigarette presumably adding the subtext that smoking is injurious to health. This painting was so provocative that most fans reacted to it instantaneously, making it a hot topic of contention among two sides, one side calling it brilliant, while the other holding it as bunk.

Get the paints out 🎨 #nyfw

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Katy Perry also lost a significant following by posting the photograph. Many of her fans unfollowed her instagram account almost instantaneously while others argued over its merits and demerits. It looks like Perry didn’t care enough to think about the consequences of posting the picture.

Perry, sure, does know how to stir the pot. She has recently been in the news for making videos that seem to be too provocative. Chrissie Hynde, who is an ageing musician, reportedly called her a “sex worker.”

Chrissie had also gone on record to say that the music industry these days is pushing the “pornographic culture.” We have no idea why Chrissie said so, but it did raise the heckles of several notable musicians of the present era. While it is obvious that nudity and sex are rampant on screen these days, the musicians can hardly be labelled … whatever the label meant for.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Katy Perry


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