Katy Perry wants Simon Cowel to bring back Cheryl Cole on the X Factor

By admin | 4 years ago

Katy Perry is one diva that Simon Cowel does not want to mess with. It’s been almost three years since the bomb shell Cheryl Cole has been, well, dropped for lack of a better from The X-Factor UK. However, the consensus shows that viewers want the sizzling star back on the show.

Specifically one Katy Perry!

The Prismatic songstress is clearly on Team Chezza after being a guest judge next to the brunette beauty on X Factor!

She said: “Of course I want to see Cheryl back on The X Factor – who doesn’t right? Simon don’t be mean – just pay her what it takes – The British Public want her back on their TV!”

Further more she expressed that if she’ll be singing at the X-Factor next year then she would want Cheryl Cole to be present there. If not, then “then Simon you are going to have me to answer to.”

Now that’s a strong threat – Lol

Let’s hope that Simon doesn’t have to answer to Katy Perry and decides to bring back Cheryl Cole on the show.

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