Katy Perry’s 2016 Album Is About Taylor Swift; ‘Roar’ Singer Fights Back After ‘Bad Blood’

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Katy Perry’s 2016 Album Is About Taylor Swift; ‘Roar’ Singer Fights Back After ‘Bad Blood’
Katy Perry

Katy Perry is ready to take revenge on Taylor Swift for taking a swipe on her in the recent “Bad Blood” music video. The “Roar” singer revealed that her next album, after the highly successful “Prism” will be released by 2016.

In a recent interview via Inquistr, Katy Perry revealed that she’s working on a new album which is bound to come out this 2016. The singer, however, has yet to finish her Prismatic World Tour which would not wrap up until October this year. This could only mean that Katy could be press for time and that her fans might have to wait a little bit longer.

Katy Perry has been very excited about the release of her new album, saying that it would definitely showcase a different side of her.

“It’s important for me to maybe start reinventing myself. Because I can’t keep topping myself because I’ll just combust at some point,” she said.

Katy Cats are in for a huge surprise this time around. The new album would feature several of her signature pop beats, but it will also include a few ballads and acoustics that will highlight her vocal prowess. Russell Brand’s ex-wife further revealed that she is very hands on in the next album.

“I can’t wait to create more and evolve more and be a contributor. I would never ever want to be just a celebrity. It’s so gross,” she said.

Rumor has it, Katy Perry will take this opportunity to get even with Taylor Swift. The former recently came out with a music video for “Bad Blood” which has been allegedly inspired by their feud.

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