Katy Perry’s getup as a Geisha sparks controversy at the AMAs

By admin | 4 years ago

The highlight of the AMAs was Miley Cyrus’ performance who performed her ever so popular song, Wrecking Ball whilst standing in front of a large animation of a cat who seemed to be mimicking her words.

Though no other performance came close to Miley’s , it is still worth mentioning that Katy Perry dressed up as a Geisha. Ooo! Controversy sparks!

Katy Perry performing 'Unconditionally' at the AMAs

Katy wore the traditional Japanese dress at the time of her show-starting performance of ‘Unconditionally’ while scores of clad dancers waved fans, danced in front of rice paper and played the drums.

She had already said before the show that she wanted to add an extra umph to her performance to up her game as she had been given the chance to open for the awards. Result? The whirling stage bloomed in colors and dance and movement before Katy Perry vanished into a puff of smoke.

However, while many enjoyed the star’s performance, others almost immediately took to twitter and posted that Katy’s costume was racist, lo and behold, these posts sparked up a controversy.

Moreover, many also took to twitter to support Perry and to defend her with one post that says,

“It honestly bothers me that people believe Katy Perry’s performance was a racist act. She loves the Japanese culture and Japan loves her”.

Source: FoxNews

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