Katy Perry’s Halftime Shark in Part of Feud With Taylor Swift

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

Anyone who’s watched Katy Perry’s halftime performance for the Super Bowl this weekend would definitely recognize the two dancing sharks accompanying her. But who’d have thought that among these sharks was one of the people involved in the Katy Perry-Taylor Swift long-time feud?

On Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, everybody was on the lookout not just for the game but for Katy Perry’s performance during halftime. Flanked by a couple of blue sharks, Perry had the audience laughing and cheering all the way. Later revealed to be Bryan Gaw and Scott Myrick, the sharks also became instant hits. But who’d have thought that dancing right there was one of the reasons of the Perry-Swift feud?

Last September 2014, TMZ reported the reason behind the feud between the two music sensations. Apparently, three of Swift’s backup dancers quit to join Perry’s tour instead. But get this, they actually started off as Perry’s dancers and only shifted to Swift’s camp for a while because they needed work. And then when Perry’s side called them back for another tour, they gave Swift their 30-day notice but she fired them instead.

Okay, but what does this have to do with one of the sharks? Well, that’s because Myrick was in fact one of those three back-up dancers!

But before we jump the gun here, Myrick and the two other dancers had a good reason on why they decided to go back to Perry’s camp. Another member of the trio, Lockhart Brownlie, said in an interview with The Examiner that though working with Swift for a while was a great experience, their two and a half years work with Perry came to their minds first when they were contacted for her second world tour which led to them agreeing to it.

On another note, Myrick posted in Twitter on how enthralled he was of being part of Perry’s halftime performance. His second tweet was of his thanking Perry for having him with her during the show.

Myrick was definitely grateful to Perry, and so are a whole crowd of viewers for giving one of the best halftime performances for the Super Bowl yet!

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Robyka54


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