Keanu Reeves, Anne Hathaway Stars In ‘The Modern Ocean?’

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Keanu Reeves, Anne Hathaway Stars In ‘The Modern Ocean?’
Anne Hathaway

“The Modern Ocean,” the famous shipping drama from Shane Carruth has concluded a wonderful cast with Keanu Reeves, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Holland, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jeff Goldblum, Abraham Attah, and Asa Butterfield on board. Read On!

According to latest news update, Carruth will also be seen in this serial. Eyal Rimmon of “Tadmor” and Lawrence Inglee of “Blackbird” will take on the responsibility as the producer of the series. International sales for the series will be launched by Film Nation Entertainment this Wednesday at the American Film Market.

Previous work from Carruth includes “Upstream Colour,” a wonderful movie which went on to win the Special Jury Award in 2013 at Sundance, and there was this wonderful movie with the name “Primer” which also won the award.


When we talk about the story for the upcoming movie “The Modern Ocean” it is needless to say that it will also be as interesting as the stories of the movies previously made by Carruth. Let us take a slight glimpse at the story of the movie.

The story of the movie circulates around valuable shipping routes and the competition that is there in this business. Fans and viewers of the movie will be taken on an expedition where the characters of the movie search for hidden cache that is of priceless value. There are bitter rivalries, and people working in this world of shipping are filled with vengeance, and there is a drastic need for power among all of them.

According to, all in all, there is considerable amount of suspense and drama in the movie. The plan to make this movie was first revealed in late September by Carruth. Tara Erer, who is the senior vice-president at Film Nation for sales department, was there to express views for the upcoming movie and it is mentioned that all are very excited as they get the chance to work on this wonderful project.

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