Keanu Reeves Becomes The Unwary Prey In Every Domesticated Man’s Nightmare In Eli Roth’s New Knock, Knock Trailer

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Keanu Reeves Becomes The Unwary Prey In Every Domesticated Man’s Nightmare In Eli Roth’s New Knock, Knock Trailer
Knock, Knock

Keanu Reeves is the gullible prey in this upcoming thriller from horror director Eli Roth. Read on for more details.

Reeves stars in Knock, Knock a sensual home invasion movie that from the very start has already gone wrong.

In the newest trailer posted on Youtube, the storyline expands further beyond the already established detail of Reeves portraying a domesticated man making a living for his family as an architect.

Reeves (Evan Webber) unwittingly allow two young women inside the comforts of his own abode. It was when he is left all alone in his house during a heavy storm. The soaked-to-the bones teens played by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas paraded themselves at first as flight attendants. They coyly repays his kindness by coming on to the alarmed Webber.

His non-consent involvement though is short-lived as he succumbs to the nubile temptation of his guests. In the same way as most tales of deceit goes, everything starts to go downhill after for the poor Webber,  as his fleeting whim becomes an uncontrolled nightmare.

The footage shows Webber being tied, beaten and as one scene depicts could practically end up being buried alive.

Roth’s new project appeared at the Sundance Film Festival last Jan. 23, 2015. According to review from Hit Fix, “The movie has something genuine to say, and it uses some really dark dramatic beats to get there.”

The review also established the fundamental inquiry of the whole aspect of the movie, “Given the opportunity, would any married man say no to sex with two hot girls in their 20s?”

“Knock, Knock” isn’t just the only release from the 41-year-old Roth, his long-overdue revisualization of the of cannibal exploitation made infamous in the early 70s, “The Green Inferno,” has finally made its way to the theaters this Sept. 25, 2015.  The movie concerns a group of tree-hugging yuppies becoming the next meal of the tribe that they were supposed to protect from industrialization.

“Knock, Knock” was co-written by Roth with Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolás López and will be shown in Oct. 9, 2015.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Knock, Knock

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