Keanu Reeves Seeks Vengeance as ‘John Wick’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Keanu Reeves Seeks Vengeance as ‘John Wick’ [WATCH VIDEO]

Looking back into his titular action role as the eponymous Neo in “The Matrix,” Keanu Reeves has given people the lucrative mindset of recognizing each action film he stars on. Catch him this time as he becomes the revived hitman in Lionsgate’s upcoming rapid gun-blasting flick, “John Wick.”

We’ve all witnessed how Keanu Reeves embraced the heroic character efficiently. Going back into his magnanimous role in “The Matrix Trilogy” and how he became the self-sacrificing Samurai warrior in “47 Ronin,” he does bear the countenance of someone who is capable of laying it all down for whatever it is that he’s fighting for. In “John Wick,” he straps on the killer demeanor once more as he kick starts his hard-ladden search for retribution.

Taking in the plot glimpses of the trailer, it is one thing to disturb the peace of an unperturbed soul and definitely another to make an efficient killer forgo his peace and revert back to his life-violating skills. John Wick is a hitman living the remnants of his life in solitude with his pet beagle, a gift he happens to treasure wholeheartedly that came from his late wife. It was all in his isolation until he met the son of a Russian mobster in the person of “Game of Thrones” star, Alfie Allen, who pesters him in selling his impressive muscle car. Unshakened by his drastic demand to sell it, John drives off and heads back into his home without giving a second look. Exercising his mobster power, the guy tracks John down and disturbs his peace by thrashing his house, beating him mercilessly, stealing his muscle car and (the probably the most change-invoking stunt) killing his beloved dog. What the naïve mobster did not know is that he’s unleashed a violent dread waiting to unfold.

From the trailer alone, it’s pretty much sensible that the movie presents the premise of one’s past flashing before their eyes. We’ve seen in start with Liam Neeson in “Taken,” and now we see it being adapted in a number of action flicks over the years. Case in point, “John Wick” may not be a man of the government, but he is a definitely an A-list assassin who wields a gun with high-killing proficiency, who is out searching for vengeance. (via Screen Rant)

According to Deadline, “John Wick” serves as the directorial debut for Chad Stahelski and also features the acting of Willem Dafoe, Ian McShane and Adrienne Palicki. It is penned by Derek Kolstad which will be screened exclusively at the Fantastic Fest, together with Reeves and the directors. However, it is set to open in theaters on Oct. 24, 2014.

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