Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Khloe Kardashian Admits Lamar Odom Cheated on Her [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Khloe Kardashian Admits Lamar Odom Cheated on Her [WATCH VIDEO]
Khloé Kardashian attending Maxim’s 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration, Santa Monica, CA on May 13, 2009 – photo by Glenn Francis of Commons

Getting away from someone you loved and cared for was difficult, especially when your ex-beau was spreading rumors that things might get back the way they used to. During the July 13, 2014 episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (KUWTK), Khloe was busy moving out of the home she once shared with Lamar Odom, and she outrageously admitted that she put out of sight a lot of things from her family during her marriage. Lamar’s infidelity resulted in her revelation that she knew he cheated on her while they were together. Read on to learn more about Lamar and Khloe’s marital troubles.

The 30-year-old reality star was going through intense emotional ordeal on this episode, as she’s trying to pack up and move out of the home she shared with Lamar. She tried to keep her spirit up, but sadness was reflected on her visage.

Khloe admitted that it was impossible to contact Lamar for months at a time. On the other hand, he was fooling the media that they were working things out. Khloe was enraged that her mother, Kris, was persistently backing up Lamar’s stance, and she admitted that Lamar was not just involved in substance abuse, but also caused her great harm. He ruined their wedding and made fun of vows in the most awful possible way.

She yelled and said that she had been veiling so much from everybody, just to swathe Lamar’s wrongdoings.  She also revealed that on her 29th birthday, Lamar did not turn up. She spent her birthday alone and gave Kendall her Beyonce concert tickets.   Hats off to her tolerance! Despite rumors circulating all over, she never exposed his infidelity. Later, when she received a text from one of Lamar’s acquaintances, asking if they were getting back together, she lost her patience and busted out with wrath.

“Let me tell you something. Last year on my birthday, I lied to everyone because I had to lie and say I was with my husband, when in fact my husband was missing with another girl, okay?” yelled Khloe at Kourtney.

Meanwhile, Disick revealed how he could relate with Khloe’s situation.

“Both Khloe and I have had a tough year and a lot of problems. And, you know, watching Khloe kinda take her mind off the negatives with alcohol and partying and all these things definitely scares me because I’ve been there before. If I’m seeing it, that must be a lot,” said Disick in a confessional.

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