Keira Knightley Left Inspired by Jan Arnold’s Mental Strength

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Keira Knightley Left Inspired by Jan Arnold’s Mental Strength

Keira Knightley, the 30-year-old British actress, has essayed the role of Dr. Jan Arnold in her movie “Everest” and received praises from the lady herself. The “Pride and Prejudice” fame has an impressive resume in her acting career. She thinks with the help of empathy she became able to curve the brilliant portrayal on screen. Read on for more details.

The Baltasar Kormakur film “Everest” unfolds the journey of Rob Hall to the peak of Mount Everest. The almost one billion dollar expensed film has featured Jason Clarke and Knightley in the pivotal roles. Both of the actors put a lot of key elements to bring out the soul of the brave characters.

Jan Arnold, wife of Hall, is that wonderful woman who had beheld the lethal journey of the unsung hero. She lost his life as the entire team of eight was being caught in a violent storm during the expedition.

Arnold admitted that earlier she remained cynical at times regarding the movie but the film made her wrong and justified the journey, which her husband had ventured towards the highest peak of earth in 1996.

At an advanced screening of the film, she revealed to be quite impressed with Knightley’s portrayal of Arnold’s character on the screen. She added that she is overall pleased with the film’s treatment that tells a fair tale of the unfortunate expedition once her husband had made.

According to her, the film may include the story of the sherpas who worked to rescue Hall and his companions when they became trapped.

While talking about Knightley and Clarke, it holds true that they truly painted the essence of the characters with their acting craft. On the other hand, she admits it to be a great privilege to play “someone very different from you and your own perspective on life.”

“Jan has climbed Everest seven times since the events of the film and she’s such a wonderfully open and strong woman.” Knightley said.

The advanced screening of the film was held in Nelson on Wednesday evening.

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