Keith Richards’ Solo Album ‘Crosseyed Hearts’: 15 Whiskey-soaked Tales of Unexpected Beauty

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Keith Richards’ Solo Album ‘Crosseyed Hearts’: 15 Whiskey-soaked Tales of Unexpected Beauty
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Septuagenarian rock n’ roller and The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is back with a new solo album, “Crosseyed Hearts.” Featuring Richards sandpaper voice on folksy, bluesy songs combined with some brilliant guitar work. Read on to find out more.

At 71, Keith Richards is the poster boy for rock n’ roll hedonism, unbridled drug abuse (he famously snorted his dad’s ashes) and living to tell the tale. And what a tale he tells, in his new solo album, “Crosseyed Hearts”, his voice rasping through this refreshingly slick collection blues and folk infused ballads. Richards is modest about his vocal range, as he confesses in a recent interview with Stuff:

“I’m always dodgy about my voice. It’s usually because I don’t sing a lot.I realize my range is fairly limited, but at the same time, so is Bob Dylan’s.”

But where Richards is limited by his voice, his guitar invariably sets him free. “Crosseyed Heart” goes through an eclectic collection of themes and emotions, love and lust (Crosseyed Heart), forgiveness (Heartstopper) and the preoccupations of a teenage surfer (Trouble). There is a duet with Norah Jones (Illusion) and even a bare-as-bones version of “Goodnight Irene”, Ledbetters 1933 American folk standards. (via Rolling Stone)



All together, the album reveals a heart that is youthful, even at 71. Richards licks and riffs are poignantly eloquent where his voice is not, his guitar is ample proof why the Rolling Stones became legends. Richards regular backup band, ‘the X-Pensive Winos’ provide capable support in the background as the grizzled rocker gnarls and snarls his way through fifteen tracks of unexpected beauty. This is “Ruby Tuesdays” again, “Angie” again, and after twenty years of pop drivel, you have to thank Richards, and all the drugs he takes that still keep him chugging along.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Keith Richards

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