Kelley Kime Auditioning for American Idol 2015 [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
Kelley Kime Auditioning for American Idol 2015 [WATCH VIDEO]
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One of the American Idol participants comes for the audition with her three-year-old daughter. In this video, you can watch how the mother and daughter win the judges heart and manage to get themselves the ticket to Hollywood.

The adorable video starts with Kelley asking her daughter whether she is excited for her mother. Kelly then tells her daughter that they are going to be on television at which her daughter looks amazed, and she asks her mother whether they have already become stars. Her mother replies to her that they are sort of stars. Then Kelley introduces herself and her daughter. She is 23 and a single mother who plays the role of both parents, as she earns for their livelihood as well as feeds both of them. She adds that her daughter and her are a team and that she means everything for her.

Kelly’s daughter, Hope, loves her mother and says that her mother is the best. They both get ready to enter the audition room. As they enter, the judges — Harry, Jennifer and Keith — are surprised to see Hope. Hope smiles at the judges, but she is shy. The judges politely call Hope to shake hands with her. Jennifer calls her a princess. Then the music starts, and Hope starts to sing. The judges patiently listen. Jennifer gets emotional and tries to stop her tears from rolling down. The judges find her, cute and they give her a ticket.

Then they make Hope sit on Jennifer’s lap while her mother sings. Jennifer compliments Hope by telling her that they both are wearing the same dress. Her mother sings the song “Sunday Morning,” and they all like her performance and give her a ticket too. Both of them come out of the room screaming out of happiness.

Watch the clip below:

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/19 Entertainment, FreemantleMedia



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