Kelly Osbourne: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez “will eventually make the perfect couple”

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Doing away with her own romance with now ex-fiancé Mathew Mosshart, Kelly Osbourne has turned her attention to another romance and this time it is not one of her own.

Kelly has been letting everybody know about the whereabouts and relationship status of her latest new bestest pal, Justin Bieber. She says that Justin and Selena will eventually ‘make the perfect couple’, YAY—for them!

Justin and Selena
It is pretty much confirmed that Selena and Bieber are now back together as seen from the couple’s segway-ing around in Justin’s town, Calabasas and their sweet cuddling upload on Twitter, also including their romantic get away with Chris Brown’s very expensive RV. Though most people aren’t very keen to discuss the situation on Jelena, Kelly has been a source of positive light on the subject.

Kelly Osbourne
Being the lovely lilac-haired cupid that she is, she had a bit of advice for the pair of them on her show Fashion Police, and explained how they need to take their time on building their relationship back together if they want to see it work properly this time around.

“Selena is so gorgeous, and so smart — and she’s a real lady. If they do grow up together, they will eventually make the perfect couple,” Kel revealed.

There you have it folks, Kelly has doled out a prediction! What is your take on Kelly’s opinion about Jelena? Do you think that Selena and Justin will make it through this time around?

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