Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Relationship: Justin Bieber Intercepts Kendall’s Phone Calls With Harry

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Relationship: Justin Bieber Intercepts Kendall’s Phone Calls With Harry

We love the reunion of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. However, one person who is not happy about it is Justin Bieber. Read the complete article to know what is going on.

Few days back, we discussed about Kendall and Harry’s reunion. It was reported that the two have been talking, texting and flirting again after their split up, and that they are allegedly looking to date again.

Justin Bieber is very much bothered about Kendall’s relationship with Harry. According to report from Hollywood Life, Justin gives Kendall an incredibly hard time whenever Harry calls her.

Although Kendall likes the fact that her reunion with Harry makes Justin jealous, the American fashion model knows very well that Harry will treat her better when compared to Justin who wants to hook up with her with no intention of making any commitments.

Justin always looks up on Harry as a threat when it comes to matters related to Kendall as well as in profession. The Canadian singer & actor would like Harry to maintain a distance from Kendall.

When Harry and Kendall’s reunion rumors sparkled, Justin has actually taken things into his own hands. He started interfering as much as possible when it comes to the reignited relationship of Kendall and the boy band One Direction member. Bieber interrupts Kendall’s phone calls with Harry, with heightened levels of jealousy.

“One of the times Harry called Kendall, Justin grabbed the phone and answered it. He and Harry talked for a minute in a fake nice kind of way, but it was obvious Justin was just doing it to mark his territory. He wanted to let Harry know he was with Kendall,” said the source.

Justin Bieber prefers a friends-with-benefits relationship with Kendall Jenner. However, he also does not really want her to date or hangout with anyone else. It is better for Kendall to do something sooner. Or else, Justin may ruin her reignited relationship with Harry.

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