Has Kendra Wilkinson Attempted Suicide In Her Teens?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Has Kendra Wilkinson Attempted Suicide In Her Teens?

Kendra Wilkinson confessed another gruesome fact of her teenage days. This time nothing related to her love affair or family but Kendra admitted to her therapist that she has attempted a suicide as a teen. Read on.

The Friday’s episode of “Kendra on Top” was really a sensational one with the confessing words from the renowned model. Earlier, Kendra opened up about as lesbian affinity she had experienced in her school days and she is heard explaining the estranged relation with her mother that was much talked about. Now, a new cat is out of the bag. Yes, we are talking about the information she revealed about the effort she has made to kill herself.

While conversing with her therapist Dr. Monica Shahbaznia, the glamorous diva expresses how she has undergone a series of acute depression in her teenage as many other teen girls. The brusque truth is she made multiple attempts to draw her life to doom and overly consumed drugs, has cut wrist and endured numerous terrible ways.


The 30-year-old TV personality again partially put the onus on the relation she shared with her mother as a provocation of such sorts of behaviour. The “Playboy” playmate stated despite she yearned for affection, she used to feel unloved and unnoticed in that days.

Interestingly another “Playboy” model Holly Madison was trapped in depression that led her to an unfortunate suicide. Previously, Kendra, the mother of two, accused Holly with an allegation that the former Model had displayed lies about Hugh Hefner in a biographical memoir.

But this time we vividly foresee that ugly turns in relationship stand out as the same reason for a provocation of suicide. Though this episode unveils some heart-wrenching confession we are glad that the 35-years-old star stands triumphant in the combat against depression.

Photo Source: Facebook/ Kendra Wilkinson

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