Kendra Wilkinson Cheats Back: Becomes Husband Hank’s Worst Nightmare

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Kendra Wilkinson Cheats Back: Becomes Husband Hank’s Worst Nightmare
Kendra on top

Kendra Wilkinson’s new show ‘Kendra on Top’ is going to be a head turner yet again. Apparently, Kendra is so incensed by her husband Hank Baskett’s infidelity that she is going to “carry on” with a lot of men by flirting, texting, and even getting on top of them. This season of “Kendra on Top” is going all rakish to get the viewers interested.

It looks like Kendra is yet to clean up her act and forgive her husband. It was revealed that she had heard rumors about her husband cheating on her and she wasn’t willing to forgive him for it. In true Reality TV show fashion, Kendra is going to build up on the problem by cheating on him herself instead of sitting down with her husband and having a heart to heart with him. The show will find the couple struggling to keep together as Kendra secretly begins flirting with other men to make Hank jealous.

The show’s teaser shows Kendra being Kendra and carrying on with men behind Hank Baskett’s back. She looks like she planning to kindle the fire of jealous secrets with more secrets. Her husband may be oblivious of her cheating ways right now, but when he does find out what she’s been upto, and he will find out, because it is reality television, he will blow his lid and sparks will fly. Let’s just hope that it all gets interestingly bad and dirty for all, because that’s why we are watching this show. Right, viewers?

Kendra famously spoke of her cheating in a very casual manner. “I’m playing with fire, but I won’t let it burn.”

The best thing about reality shows like this one is that the characters never look to reconcilliate and move on when they are feuding with their co-stars. Everybody chooses to do something sleazy to the other person to get even with them. It keeps the balls rolling and the audience interested. It’s bad, but it’s so bad that it’s almost good.

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