Kevin Durant Likely To Go To The Houston Rockets In 2016? More Cap Space And James Harden Friendship As A Potential Lure?

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Kevin Durant Likely To Go To The Houston Rockets In 2016? More Cap Space And James Harden Friendship As A Potential Lure?
Kevin Durant

Every franchise in the NBA must be smacking their lips in excitement for the incoming offseason next year. Thanks to a whopping $1 billion TV deal coming from ESPN and TNT which will set in motion an enormous salary cap for basketball players in 2016. Read on for more details.

High on the list on every vigilant front office with a championship aspiration is Oklahoma Thunder’s Kevin Durant. The marquee player could expect his salary to dribble its way at a distance of $30 million or more. His profit reaches sky high expanding the cap somewhere between $80 and $90 million.

In a report from Hoops Habit, Durant’s former team mate James Harden and his Houston Rockets are eyeing a spot for the 240 lb. for the 6-time NBA All-Star.

Both Harden and burly center Dwight Howard are in their max contracts for the Rockets. However, GM Daryl Morey is known within the NBA circle to be cunning when it comes to salary cap space. He could worked out that magic again to lure Durant this coming offseason.

This impossible feat from the Morey will concern three players as indicated by the website to gain more cap space. First in line for the scrapping list will be power forward Terrence Jones as Donatas Motiejunas will be all clear once more to play for the next season. The 7-0 Motiejunas had a 12.0 points and 5.9 rebounds per game average before he was ruled out to play due to lower back injury.

Another possible piece valuable for trading is  the 30-year-old Trevor Ariza who plays the same position as Durant and lastly, the contract-waiving of newly acquired point guard Ty Lawson. All in all the Rockets will be able munched-up more than $29 million in their front office which will be quite a tempting offer for Durant during free agency.

In an report from Gospel Herald, there has been insinuations that Durant was dissatisfied with the trading of Harden back in 2012. Their strong bond will be one of the vital points of which could hook Durant and finally have the Rockets its own version of the “Big 3.”

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Photo source: Facebook/Kevin Durant

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