Key Scenes from the Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

By admin | 7 years ago

A new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man was released recently. The two and a half minute trailer introduced new elements to the audience.  Spider Man Trailer

In the past, director Marc Webb told people that the movie will show Peter Parker’s back story as an orphan. This is showcased in the trailer by the various lonely boy shots of the hero on top of buildings or walking through the streets with a lonely look on his face.

The trailer also showed Parker’s mischievous side. It has a comedic scene with a carjacker, which is also shown in the past trailer. But this time around, Spider-Man was taunting the guy and gave out a funny, sarcastic one-liner.

It also showed Parker looking up at the Oscorp building. He’s interested with it because it is tied to his father and he was seen holding on an Oscorp ID card. Comic book fans know how it plays out with Norman Osborn.

The new The Amazing Spider-Man trailer also showed the Lizard in a lab coat, who will be the film’s central villain. The Lizard is seen throwing people around as well as pursuing Spider-Man.

Before Dr. Connors turned into the Lizard, he was seen in an interrogation scene with an unidentified older man. The man looks like he has untrimmed white hair and was asking the doctor about Peter Parker and his parents. The doctor’s response was not heard but his reaction shown that the old man has some information vital to Parker.

The last minute of the trailer featured lots of action. Parker is seen dodging police officers, carjackers and the Lizard. He is also seen holding a burning car from falling into a river. It reminded some viewers of a scene from Sam Raimi-s Spider-Man. It also showed Spider-Man’s web-slinging skill, which he was practicing by swinging from building to building.

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