Kian Egan And Jodi Albert Introduce Newborn Baby To The World; ‘Hollyoaks’ Actress Talks Mother’s Death

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Kian Egan And Jodi Albert Introduce Newborn Baby To The World; ‘Hollyoaks’ Actress Talks Mother’s Death
Kian Egan And Jodi Albert

Now it’s time for Kian Egan and his other half, “Hollyoaks” actress Jodi Albert to enjoy the ecstasy of parenthood. They have introduced their gorgeous newborn Zekey to their fans in a beautiful photoshoot. All best wishes for your tot! Read on.

Coincidentally, Albert gave birth to her baby on May 21, the day on which her beloved mother Eileen was born. She has revealed that her son has filled the grief of recently losing her mother who died of cancer. The already parents of three-year-old Koa told OK! Magazine that their second child’s birth has been a particularly emotional one.

“It absolutely breaks my heart that [mum] will never meet him, so the fact he was born on her birthday is extra special as it means she’s a part of him,” Egan said.

“We both cried our eyes out as we couldn’t believe what a miracle it was. I mean, Koa was blond and blue eyed. It was such a massive rush of emotions. I felt like the broken heart that I had from my mum was closing a little bit because he was here, safe and healthy,” Albert revealed adding that they even could not believe how much her Zekey looked like her mom Eileen.

The role of 35-year old Egan as a hubby is absolutely admiring. Albert was quite “scary” to undergo her caesarean. But, he consoled and accompanied her every moment and after the delivery he has been involved in “night feeding.”

According to Albert, although she did not undergo much pain, but she had totally experienced the delight of pregnancy mainly. It was when she could feel the rummaging of hands in her stomach. Since, she did not undergo labor pain, she remarked that she would surely take labor pains any day.

The couple was spotted earlier this month enjoying their first night out after welcoming their second son.

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Photo Source: Instagram/Jodi Albert

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