Kidd Kraddick Dies at 53

By admin | 4 years ago

Radio Host Kidd Kraddick has died at the young age of 53. He tragically died from what has been reported as a brain aneurysm. However, the official cause of his death has yet to be released, but most reports from news agencies and people close to the situation have cited an aneurysm as the cause.

His radio station said through a prepared statement that everyone who is a part of the Kidd Kraddick morning show and the YEA Networks is completely heartbroken over losing such a close, dear friend and the group’s leader.

The statement added that Kidd had devoted his entire life both privately and publically to making people laugh and smile each morning. His foundation, said the statement, has for the past 21 years been dedicated to bringing needed joy to thousands of terminally and chronically ill children.

The station also released information that said Kidd had died on Saturday while at a golf tournament in New Orleans that had been organized to raise funds for his Kidd’s Kid Charity.

The statement read that Kidd died doing something he loved. His last day was spent focused selflessly on the special young children that were his world. It continued by saying the station and charity ask that everyone respect the privacy of Kidd’s family as well as his colleagues.

A number of well known celebrities including Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the Jonas Brothers already expressed sympathies to his family on Twitter.

An autopsy was planned for Sunday or Monday with the results to be released later in the week as to the exact cause of the radio host’s death.

No word was released as to who would replace the Kidd on the morning radio show or handle his charity.

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