Kidman plays Oversexed Barbie Doll in New Film

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Nicole Kidman stars as an oversexed Barbie doll in the murder drama The Paperboy. It premiered at the Cannes film festival and people remembered it for its sex scenes, violence and a urination. The movie is an adaptation of a novel written by Pete Dexter. Nicole Kidman

Kidman plays trailer-trash beauty Charlotte Bless, who became obsessed with a man on death row. A newspaper investigation into the prisoner suggested that be might have been wrongfully convicted. This made her curious about the inmate and resulted into their humorous letter exchanges.

There were two scenes in The Paperboy that were memorable to the critics who watched the press screening. The first one was when Bless urinates on Jack, played by Zac Efron, after he was stung by a jellyfish in the sea. The second scene that got the critics buzzing was the sex scene set in a prison visiting room where the two didn’t have any physical contact.

During her Cannes photo call, Kidman wore a figure-hugging vermillion dress. She was asked whether shooting the scenes was embarrassing and she answered they were not because she was in her character and didn’t step out of it.

The Paperboy is directed by Lee Daniels, who also made Precious. It also stars Matthew McConaughey as the conflicted reporter, Macy Gray as housemaid, and John Cusack as the imprisoned Hillary. It was set in the 1960s and played out against a background of homophobia and racism.

Director Daniels said that the story was based on a first-hand experience. His brother was imprisoned and he was shunned as a gay black man.

Kidman said she found her most rewarding roles in lower-budget independent movies. She also doesn’t want to be stereotyped into playing certain roles. She wants to try everything and is willing to fail. As Charlotte, she did her own hair and makeup due to budget constraints.

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