Kill Bill 3: Jennifer Lawrence is the Bride? Plot and Release Details

By Angeline Sajini Ramanan | 2 years ago
Kill Bill 3: Jennifer Lawrence is the Bride? Plot and Release Details
Kill bill 3

The rumors surrounding Kill Bill 3 has become stronger. The latest one, though interesting, does not seem true.

Jennifer Lawrence and other casting choices

Every time a strong female character is written, people associate Jennifer Lawrence in the role. Recently, there were reports which speculated that Jennifer will be playing the role of Mulan in Disney’s live action adaptation. The news was false.

Jennifer Lawrence is now being considered to play the iconic role of The Bride in Kill Bill 3. Though many feel she will be perfect for the role of the vengeful fighter,The Bitbag reports that the news is totally false.

Quentin Tarantino has already revealed that he is talks with Uma Thurman to reprise her role. It still early to take a call on Jennifer though, may be the casting crew will sneak her in.

The original cast of Daryl Hannah as Elle and Julie Dreyfus as Sofie are expected to return


Kill Bill 3 will also be a revenge story. Just as The Bride seeks vengeance, the daughter of one she slayed, will avenge her mom. Nikki, Vernita Green’s daughter will avenge her mother’s murder. Nikki witnesses her mother being killed by the Bride. Elle and Sofie train her in the killing arts. The film is expected to revolve around Nikki’s revenge than The Bride’s story.

Release Date

The last movie Kill Bill 2 released, 12 years back. Production is yet to start on the third installment. Though the director has teased fans about the film releasing in the next few years and official date is still unknown.

Apparently, the story picks years after the last movie ended. The delay in filming will show all the original characters considerably aged.

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