The Killing Season 3 Finale The Road to Hamelin Recap

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
The Killing Season 3 Finale The Road to Hamelin Recap
Joel Kinnaman at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International in San Diego, California. Date 20 July 2013 Source Own work Author Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commmons

“The Killing is considered one of AMC’s best crime drama TV series.  It’s about two detectives namely Linden played by Mireille Enos and Holden played by Joel Kinnaman who are working specifically in solving homicides. Read on for “The Killing” Season 3 Finale “The Road to Hamelin” recap.

For “The Killing” Season 3 Finale “The Road to Hamelin,” Holden and Linden were convinced that a police officer framed Joe Mills for the murders of the young women found in the swamp.  They discovered that the first victim’s neighbor is the officer they knew and is the one they suspect of the crime.  They feared the worse since Angie Gower was killed and in addition to that is the disappearance of Adrian Seward.  As Linden tries to put the puzzle pieces together, Carl Reddick goes missing and Holder is hauled in by Internal Affairs for questioning and Lt. Skinner’s marriage has broken leaving him no choice but to move out of his house.

Moving on, Linden spotted Kallie Lead’s ring and is convinced that this is the proof she needs to identify the killer.  Linden then pulls a gun on Skinner and they drove off to a remote lake house where he held Adrian captive.  Skinner then begins to confess and denies the crime telling Linden that the first murder was an accident.  He hit the girl when she spit at him, causing him to almost miss a family event.  Scared of what the outcome might bring if she’d tell and ruin his reputation, he took her to the woods and tried talking easily about murdering people.

Meanwhile, Holder thinks it doesn’t make any sense when Linden told him if this could lead to suicide when Reddick found a note in Adrian’s backpack telling that he wanted to be with his mother.  Skinner continues to explain to Linden that he just wants to talk to Adrian that same night his mother was killed but she’s still not convinced and he said that how could she have made love to him just a few hours earlier and tells her that she loves him. She starts hitting him which nearly gets them in an accident, which leads to a teary confrontation.

In the meantime, Holder is rushing to find Linden.  Skinner and Linden arrive at the lake house which leads to another confrontation of the murders Skinner committed.  Skinner tells Linden that he regrets killing Adrian and so Linden pulled the trigger on Skinner, shooting him in the chest. Holder hears the gunshot and came rushing to them and tells Linden that Adrian is alive and that Skinner wants her to kill him but he still finished him off.

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