The Killing Season 4 Preview

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
The Killing Season 4 Preview
Joel Kinnaman at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International in San Diego, California. Date 20 July 2013 Source Own work Author Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commmons

“The Killing” is adding a bunch of interesting cast members for their upcoming fourth season. Read on for “The Killing” Season 4 preview below.

According to TV Line,  “The Killing,” we kick off with the role of Sarah Linden’s mother (Frances Fisher), having a striking resemblance to her daughter and is in her mid-50s or 60s.   This will surely be interesting since we all know that Sarah was abandoned by her mother when she was little that she grew up in foster care. Despite the resemblance this woman lives completely as the opposite of Linden. She is refined, happy and is living the good life with her new family.  Will Linden hold a grudge against her estranged mother?  Or will there be a tearful family reunion scene since several years have passed by without them seeing each other? This will take us to a whole new direction of the show and we probably might expect more surprises for this next season.

There will be a few series regulars and a guest star that will lead Linden and Holder into a mind boggling investigation.

Linden’s “The Killing” Season 4 rival Margaret O’Neal (Joan Allen) is probably between her mid-40s or 50s and is the head of a military boys school located outside of Seattle.  When she was deployed in the gulf, she was involved in an incident that caused her to be discharged from the military.  Her school will be a part of a murder investigation this in “The Killing” Season 4, but she won’t be very helpful to Linden and Holder.  Despite her tough image, adapting military like discipline yet deep inside her lies her maternal instinct for the boys in her academy and she is responsible for molding them into men. She might do anything and everything to protect the boys.  So watch out Sarah Linden!

In addition to that, Linden will also meet a new character under the name of Cameron Stanton (Tyler Ross), a spoiled rich kid who belongs to a family who’s got a lot of connections.   He might form a bond with Linde.  Does he have an ulterior motive for that? We’ll see.

The next character is A.J. Fielding (Levi Meaden), a charming, manipulative classmate of Cameron and he might be labeled as playing the role of a bully but definitely not the stereotype since he is quite smart.  The third academy student named Lincoln, a disturbed, angry, antisocial kid, now this could be the bully in the story.  It was revealed that he attempted to sexually assault a female teacher in his old school.  He could be their target and would be first on the line to be called in for questioning regarding the murder.

Last but not the least is a pretty girl this time named Kat, ambitious, street smart and will do anything to get a taste of the good life so she will bond with Cameron obviously so it could be a good thing or a bad thing.  We will find out as “The Killing” premieres on August 1, 2014.

And that’s it for “The Killing” Season 4 preview. Check out Joel Kinnaman’s interview about “The Killing” Season 4, which was posted on IGN.  For more updates about it as well as other entertainment news, tune in regularly to Movie News Guide (MNG).



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