Killjoys: First Look Featurette and the First Four Minutes of the Series

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Killjoys: First Look Featurette and the First Four Minutes of the Series
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In around one week’s time, a new SyFy show will take viewers and fans of the science fiction genre into a whole new universe in “Killjoys”, which will begin its journey on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy. In anticipation of this, Spoiler TV has released a first look featurette into the series, as well as the first four minutes of the very first episode. WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for “Killjoys” and for “Killjoys” Season 1 Episode 1 “Bangarang.” Read on to learn more about the first four minutes of the very first episode, and to learn a little bit more about the world of “Killjoys.”

Spoiler TV, in anticipation for the upcoming show “Killjoys”, has released a first look featurette that gives science fiction and SyFy fans a glimpse into the world that the Killjoys inhabit. Also, the official website of the show has also given those eagerly anticipating the series premiere to understand a little bit more regarding this new universe and system, and as to how the Killjoys work as a whole.

In the featurette, Hannah John-Kamen, who portrays Dutch, one of the three titular Killjoys. She informs the audience that Killjoys are  “reclamation agents” or space bounty hunters, and to survive they “do warrants for money or kill for money.”

According to Luke Macfarlane, who portrays the Killjoy D’Avin Jaqobis, this universe or the world of the Killjoys, there are no aliens, despite it being a space adventure. Instead, there are intricate bloodlines, families and histories which make up the Quad. According to Hannah and the official website, Quad consists of the planet Qresh, and it’s three moons- Westerley, Leith and Arkyn. Each of these planets, according to Aaron Ashmore, who portrays John Jaqobis, has a different “visual style.” It allows the viewer to differentiate one from another. According to the show’s creator and executive producer, Michelle Lovretta, she states in the featurette that the Quad, which is located in the J Star Cluster, is in constant flux, and the stakes are always high. It allow the main trio to be pushed to make decisions which ultimately reveal things about themselves and show who they truly are.

According to the official website, the planet Qresh is somewhat like Earth. It is the only planet in their system that could truly support life. This planet is home to the cream of the crop, and is the planet that the relatives of the ruling families, who control and run “The Company,” a “monolithic, powerful corporation”, dream of living on.

The first moon in the system is Westerley. It was where the titular Killjoys make their “home base.”

Westerley was first used by The Company in order to get resources for Qresh, and later on was used to house the growing population of the workforce. As of the present, Westerley is a moon covered in industrial waste, and has bred bars, brothels, gamblers and more.

The next moon in the system is Leith. It is where most of the relatives of the ruling families and those who were well-off but weren’t part of the ruling families live in. Because of this, the people are cultured and laws are followed.

Arkyn, the last moon in the system was the first moon to be colonized by The Company. Little is spoken of it because The Company’s colonization plans quickly went south.

Our heroes however, belong to an organization called The Recovery and Apprehension Coalition (R.A.C.), also known as “The Rack”, which “licenses, governs, and disciplines Killjoys.” Killjoys have no political affiliation and accomplish the different warrants that are underwritten by the Government. The official website also mentioned that there are different levels and different types of warrants, and that there are some warrants that can only be accomplished depending on what level Killjoy one is. It also emphasizes that the R.A.C. is quite strict in enforcing the laws.

The first four minutes of the premiere episode of the series was also released on Spoiler TV. In it, Dutch walked across the Westerley Badlands and went towards a compound of buildings.

Inside one of the buildings, John was being tortured. He had stolen the ship of a man named Coren Jeers (Dimitry Chepovetsky). Dutch was then brought in after being captured, but just as they began to torture her, she stopped them by shooting the men with a gun she had hidden under her skirt. They then confronted Coren, who couldn’t seem to gain access to get out of the building, and told him that in the name of the “R.A.C.”, he was now “locked and served”.

What do you think of the Quad, and the world that the Killjoys belong to? What do you think of the first four minutes of the series premiere of “Killjoys”? Are you looking forward to watching it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Catch “Killjoys” on SyFy and on Space when it premieres on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 9:00 p.m.

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