Killjoys Recap: The Harvest

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Killjoys Recap: The Harvest
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Killjoys” Season 1 Episode 3 “The Harvest” aired on Friday, July 3, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, the team accepted a simple warrant, which involved them bringing back a migrant worker to Westerley. However, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore), who went undercover on Leith, soon discovered that there was more to the warrant than meets the eye. Meanwhile, D’Avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane) accompanied a doctor to the Leith Bazaar in exchange for her signing off on his psychological evaluation to become a full Killjoy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with D’Avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane) being accepted as a Level 4 Killjoy. It meant that he now outranked his brother, John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore), his Killjoy sponsor. However, he still had to pass the psychological evaluation to become a full- fledged Killjoy.

Back on Westerley, in Old Town, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) wasn’t able to discover anything from her supposed targe. The she set him lose, and burned down his apartment.

She then broke up a fight at Pree’s (Thom Allison) bar, where D’Avin, in payment for the free drinks, was fighting a rowdy customer. Afterwards, Dutch suggested that D’Avin ask Pawter Simms (Sarah Power) to sign off on his psychological evaluation so that he would be cleared to join them. She then told him that she would do so if they allowed him to ride with them to Leith, and if he accompanied her as she needed to buy supplies on Leith.

Meanwhile, John hooked up with one of the girls who worked at the bar but was more interested in talking to the girl, N’oa (Elena Juatco) rather than hooking up. Because of this, she asked him to take the warrant she had put out on her husband, Vincent Sh’ao (Stefano DiMatteo), a hoc harvester on Leith whose work visa will expire in two days because if he doesn’t come home, then she would be the one to carry out his sentence. John then got Dutch to agree to one last mission together as partners before D’Avin joined them. Also, they would get to go undercover. Later, while picking up her cover as a hoc distributor, Dutch told Bellus Haardy (Nora McLellan) that John needed “a win.” It was in order to get his head in the game, as it hadn’t been ever since his brother came along.

On Leith, John went undercover as a migrant worker and got tagged in the ear like everyone else did. He then quickly learned that if anyone ran away or went out of their picking zone, they would be blown to pieces.

He then snuck into Dutch’s room at the house of Martell (George Tchortov), who owned the hockery. He told Dutch that in order to track Vincent’s ear tag, they would need Martell’s eye scan.

Martell then checked if Dutch was the real deal by having a wine tasting, which quickly led to a hook up in bed. She hit a particular nerve to knock him out to give her enough time to scan his eye so that she could track Vincent down.

Meanwhile, Pawter blackmailed a herbalist prejudiced against those from Westerley in order to get the medicine that she needed. He also made D’Avin stay to watch the Harvest celebration. However, John left after the poppers and flares triggered his Stress Response Disorder, which she realized that he had. Angrily, aboard Lucy, he told Pawter that he knew that she had only gone to Westerley from Qresh. She had been suspended from practicing there.

At Martell’s, after discovering that Vincent and some others had removed their tagged ears, Dutch told John to not do anything. Annoyed, he worked on Shyla (Hannah Anderson), who removed John’s ear, and brought him to a jack grow up, where Vincent was, as she was romantically involved with.

Dutch, in the meantime, fought off the authorities and learned that John was at the grow up, which Martell had reported. This meant that several defoliation ships would come, and would turn the area into a war zone. She then got Vincent and John, who had managed to keep everyone at gunpoint and arrived back on Westerley. However, they arrived one hour after Vincent’s work visa expired. It meant that he was going to serve at the mines.

D’Avin then apologized to Pawter. He cleared him for duty and asked if she could treat his Stress Response Disorder.

Outside, John revealed to Dutch that he had been feeling inferior to D’Avin. He was worried that his skillset would replace him on the team. Dutch then reassured him that he was irreplaceable and that D’Avin’s level of expertise would never replace the six years worth of experiences that they had as partners.

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