Kim So Eun To Join EXo’s Xiumin In New Web Series

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Kim So Eun To Join EXo’s Xiumin In New Web Series
Kim So Eun

It is well-known that EXO’s Xiumin will be the lead star in the upcoming web series “Falling for Challenges.” Such news brought in speculations that he’s going to leave his group to concentrate more on his acting career, however, it doesn’t look that way. Kim So Eun will be starring opposite Xiumin and they are to begin filming this week. Read on.

In “Falling For Challenges” Xiumin will play the role of Na Do Jeon. He is a part-time clown who takes pleasure in making other people happy. Meanwhile, Kim So Eun will play Ban Ha Na, his classmate. She works in a food truck and aspires to have one of her own. Just like Na Do Jeon, she enjoys giving service to other people. The two are members of a specific school club and when they found out that their club is to be taken down, they will try their hardest to prevent it from happening.

Over the years, Kim has worked with other leading men such as Lee San Soon, Kim Bum and 5uprise. She was 15 when she launched her acting career, but her breakout role was in “Boys Over Flowers” as Gu Hye Sun’s best friend.

Kim also gained praise for her roles in “The Liar Game” and the “Scholar Who Walks the Night.” Just last year, Kim played a ghost role in the “Mourning Grave” opposite Kang Ha Neil. Her fan base grew even more when she appears on “We Got Married” with Son Jae Rim as her virtual spouse.

As for Xiumin, he’s just finished shooting his debut film “Kim Seon-dal.” He launched his acting career two years ago in the music video “Gone.” According to K-Drama Stars, Xiumin hasn’t spoken up about rumours being linked to him that he will be leaving his group. It looks like he’s not planning to, anyway.

Photo source: Facebook/Kim So Eun

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