Kim Hye Sung Angered By The Driver Who Caused His Recent Car Accident: He Responded Through A Post!

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Kim Hye Sung Angered By The Driver Who Caused His Recent Car Accident: He Responded Through A Post!

Kim Hye Sung is currently nursing from the injuries he suffered from the car accident few days ago. Now, he has words intended for the driver who caused the accident. Read on for more details.

According to AllKPop, Kim aired his side on a car-centered community online portal. This action is his respond to the insensitive post by the driver. The said driver posted pictures of the aftermath of the accident on the site. It included the caption “Even though I was in such a big accident like this, I survived”. This immediately provoked the Korean actor.

The actor explained that his friends notice the post and informed him about it. Then, he signed up for the site’s membership to see the post for himself. He admitted he became mad because that person mentioned the accident as if it isn’t a big deal at all. He just couldn’t let it pass by and hence he decided to answer back.


He recalled its details such as the time, the speed, and its effect on him stating “how much I was traumatized; I will keep thinking of that fear from hereon.” His words for the driver are straightforward. For him, even if there was an apology done and concern about the current health situation of Kim, the driver “should say things properly”. Along with this message, he posted pictures of the devastating effect of the accident on his car.

He ended the long post by acting as an oppa (older brother) and shared that her coordinator and manager are like little sisters for him and both of them complained their pains are worsening.

Yahoo! reported that the accident happened last Sept. 26. The actor’s representative promptly issued a statement that day. Kim Hye Sung is having a break in his own car as he waits for his next scene in the shoot. Suddenly, a car crashed his from the rear end.  The actor got hurt and sustained injuries both on his waist and neck. He was with his stylist and manager when it happened.

Photo Source: Kim Hye Sung/Instagram

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