Kim Kardashian Admits Taking The First Move Towards Kanye West After Her Marriage With Kris Humphries Ended

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Admits Taking The First Move Towards Kanye West After Her Marriage With Kris Humphries Ended
Kim Kardashian admits making the first move towards Kanye West after failure of her marriage with Kris Humphries.

Kanye West has openly expressed that he had feelings for Kim Kardashian even before they finally got hitched in 2012. Everybody thought Kanye pursued Kim after her marriage ended with Kris Humphries. However, it was not Kanye but Kim who made the first move!

Kim Kardashian revealed that it was she who made the move towards Kanye after the end of her marriage in October 2011. Mail Online reported that the 34-year-old reality TV star did the chasing on Kanye West. Kim told Access Hollywood that it was about six months after she was officially single again. She also said that it was in 2012 when she began developing feelings for Kanye West and thought of giving a try.

That is when she started thinking Kanye would give her a call after knowing she was single again. However, Kanye didn’t make the call and so Kim made the first move. She called and said, “Hello? I thought you were at least going to call me and say I told you so, something?”

Kim also said that Kanye has always been a good friend to her and that they were always there for one another. She revealed that Kanye had invited her to a fashion in Paris. This was when the “magic” happened, she added.

Afraid that she would enter another relationship so quickly after the end of her marriage, Kim admitted that she was at first hesitant. However, she recalled thinking that it was probably what she has been waiting for so long and that it has always been just in front of her face.

Kim also talked about her road to bliss with Kanye. She said he first met him while working on a project together and that from that time they knew there was definitely a spark. She also revealed that during the time they were in relationships with their respective partners, they have kept their distance.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kim Kardashian

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