Kim Kardashian Apologies about Indian Remarks

By admin | 6 years ago

Reality star Kim Kardashian had to clarify her remarks about Indian food after calling Indian food disgusting and seeing all the negative comments, she received on Twitter. She wanted to make sure that everyone knew she does not hate Indian culture or people, but does not regret labeling Indian food as disgusting.

During the May 27 airing of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim made a big fuss about someone’s idea of eating Indian food. She said to her family members that she thought Indian food was disgusting. Some viewers took exception to her comments and she started to receive critical Twitter remarks.

One tweet said, “It is good she does not like Indian food that means she will not be visiting India and that is quite a blessing.”

Kardashian decided to write a blog post on her own blog to clarify the situation. She titled it Just Wanting to Clear Something up. She said that she in no way intended for her comment to insult Indian people or the culture. She wrote it was her personal taste and that there were many other types of food she does no care for.

She wrote that she hated peppers and cilantro and even certain American foods were not her favorite. She even called some Armenian foods disgusting, but that was not a reflection of her opinion towards Armenian people or her culture.

She wrote that everyone has opinions and everyone was entitled to their own and she was simply expressing hers.

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