Kim Kardashian Has Been Doing This Dangerous Thing Since Her Teens

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Has Been Doing This Dangerous Thing Since Her Teens

As someone who is followed around by a camera every single day and who is always in the public eye, looking good is paramount to Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle. It’s no secret that she spends a lot of money for her appearance. But this fixation with beauty, according to a close friend of Kardashian, apparently started way before.

According to Nikki Lund, Kim Kardashian’s childhood friend, they used to experiment with crash diets when they were only thirteen years old. Talking to Heat Magazine, Nikki said that she and Kardashian became more aware of their appearances around that age and vowed to be thin by doing Atkins, South Beach Diet and the Cabbage Soup Diet.

But the lifestyle took a toll on her and she developed an eating disorder. She shunned eating altogether. Her friend, who would grow to become one of the famous faces on the internet, meanwhile, didn’t seem to have any eating problems, though.

Fad diets and dieting at a very young age have been proven by experts to be dangerous. As stated in this report from CBS News, the lifestyle increases health risks, which may also trigger psychological, biological and social problems.

And while Kardashian does appear to ooze with much body confidence, she did admit in an interview with Elle UK last year that it took a while for her to appreciate her body. In addition, while Kardashian was pregnant with her baby North, she also had a hard time dealing with how the public mocked her weight gain.

“I got so huge and it felt like someone had taken over my body. I’d be sitting there, nearly 200lbs, crying and swearing this will never happen again, and sometimes I’d actually be laughing about it,” she said in the Elle feature.

Life & Style notes that Kardashian often gets envious of her younger sister Kendall Kardashian’s slim figure. Recently, Kim Kardashian has also taken to posting photos of her “waist training,” where she wears a corset to keep her hour-glass body in shape.

This obsession with looking perfect has always been an on-going thing for the reality TV star, but how do you think does this translate to her legions of followers?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kim Kardashian

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