Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West After Wheelchair Muddle [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago

After a video Kanye West stopping his concert in Sydney, Australia because two handicapped fans weren’t standing caused quite a scandal, fans are absolutely upset.  Click here to watch the video. Reportedly, on Sept. 12, 2014, West demanded a fan in a wheelchair to stand up during his concert in Australia. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Initially, the 36-year-old rapper blamed the paparazzi for the rumors involving him, asking a fan on a wheelchair to stand up.  Now his wife, Kim, took to Instagram on Sept. 15, 2014 to defend her husband.  The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is shielding her husband online by saying that media came up with lies regarding West’s concert in Australia.

“What an amazing Australian tour! Its frustrating that something so awesome could be clouded by lies in the media. Kanye never asked anyone in a wheel chair to stand up & the audience videos show that. He asked for everyone to stand up & dance UNLESS they were in a wheel chair. JustWantedEveryoneToHaveAFunNight #TheMediaTwistsThings,” wrote Kim on Instagram.

To great extent, Kim was right that West particularly addressed the audience members in a wheelchair. According to TMZ, West said that he could not go on with his show until everyone stands up, unless they are a handicapped.

On Sept. 14, 2015, West rocked the stage in Brisbane, Australia and held the media responsible for off-putting the incident. TMZ released the video of Kanye’s tirade about the paparazzi where he mentioned noted TV personalities like Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Strahan and Matt Lauer.

“They want the masses, the people who have never even heard one of my albums to somehow read a headline… and think I’m a bad person… I’m a married, Christian man with a family. At my concerts I make sure everybody has as good of a time as possible. Pick a new target,” said West as published on Hollywood Life. Apparently, West doesn’t think he needs to act contrite for the entire mix-up.

And that’s the latest scoop involving Kanye West in a Wheelchair muddle.  For more updates on the entertainment scene, stay tuned here on  Movie News Guide (MNG).

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