Kim Kardashian Dyes Hair Again: From Platinum Blonde into White Blonde

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Kim Kardashian Dyes Hair Again: From Platinum Blonde into White Blonde
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Glenn Francis | Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch, Glendale, CA on February 22, 2011 – Photo by Glenn Francis of

When you’re talking about ‘fashion’, it doesn’t just end with top notch clothes and accessories. This means carrying out the entire package, from head to toe. And Kim Kardashian just topped herself up by transforming her recently dyed platinum blonde hair into white blonde!

Last Thursday, March 5, Kim Kardashian walked through the Paris Fashion Week, sporting platinum blonde hair. And she’s not the only one. ‘Cause Jared Leto also stepped into the event with his own now-shorter, platinum blonde hair. The two even had a photo together, flaunting themselves in their new hair-do.

However, platinum blonde probably didn’t settle in much for Kim Kardashian as she was seen a few days later stepping out of the L’Atelier Blanc salon in Paris, now sporting white blonde hair. She made her debut with her new hair later that day when she attended her husband Kanye West’s performance at the Louis Vuitton Foundation/ Frank Gehry Museum.

In regards to her previous, platinum-blonde hair, Kardashian revealed to People that her last-minute decision to try on the look was inspired by Madonna. “I’ve always had this image of Madonna with platinum hair in my references folder on my computer and I’ve been waiting a long time to try the look. I thought what better time than right now for Paris Fashion Week,” she said.

Many people took to the social media to voice out their opinion about Kardashian’s platinum-blond hair. Some commented on how it suited her, while others compared her new look to that of the Malfoys from the ‘Harry Potter’ movie series.

Now, with her new white blonde hair, she is definitely working out on the new look, and she’s reportedly not planning to stop there just yet. According to Kardashian, she wants to try out other hair colors, like that of the short turquoise hair her younger sister Kylie Jenner had on.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s recent hair transformation, from dark to platinum- blonde and now into white blonde? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Glenn Francis of

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