Why Kim Kardashian feels that She Can Be America’s First Lady Despite Her Sex Video

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Kim Kardashian feels that She Can Be America’s First Lady Despite Her Sex Video
Kim Kardashian

She has an impressive resume already but Kim Kardashian wants more. The reality star wants to be the America’s first lady. Read the story and get all the news.

Kim Kardashian wants to be the first lady of the United States of America and she feels that her sex tape qualifies her even more for this position as reported by an insider exclusively to Hollywood Life.

Kim feels that she is the ideal woman to represent the country. Kanye West, her husband seems to be serious about running for the presidential election in 2020 and if he does manage to pull that off, Kim can indeed fulfill her desire of being the first lady of the U.S.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim thinks that she is made of the material needed for the position, according to the statements made by an exclusive source.

She is not shy of her sex tape. Kim did it and she is ready to own up to all the responsibilities for it and that is how the first lady should be like; one who is not shy about her past but feels free to discuss and confront it if necessary.

She has been contributing immensely to the society and Kim apparently believes she is first lady material. Despite if people like it or not, Kim has definitely changed the scope of fashion, entertainment, fashion and media. The source said that her impressive resume does qualify her for this office.

Kim, it seems want to be in that role and is ready to step into it. Apparently the reality star believes that she has been preparing for the moment her entire life. Kim has been gravitated by the people and she is the people’s celebrity. People love her as she is carefree, approachable and open. Moreover she is a normal girl just like anyone else.

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Photo Source:  Facebook/Kim Kardashian

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